Dear Clients,

[This update is for our clients on LiteServer, TheCoolServer, ChilledServer and TheHardServer. Please ignore this if you are hosted on other servers]

We would like to provide you an update on our migration plans which were detailed in an email that was sent to you on 8th February 2016.

[Please click this link to read the Previous Announcement]

In order to provide you the best possible hosting experience we are going through some necessary details but we are happy to report to you that the first stage of migration has been completed and we have successfully migrated MSSQL Server. We have migrated your databases to the latest version of MSSQL server i.e., MSSQL 2014.

This migration was without any major hitch, but if you are facing issues related to connectivity from your scripts, then please ensure that you are using ‘mssql.server’ as the hostname in your scripts and DSN’s. Please open a ticket if you continue to face issues.

In the next few days we will also be migrating MySQL Server and the Email server. We hope that this migration will also go smoothly without any major problems. Just ensure that you are using ‘mysql.server’ and ‘mail.server’ in your scripts as hostnames for connecting to the respective servers.

If you have any questions regarding migration, feel free to reply on this ticket and we will be glad to help you.

Warm Regards,

HostingFest Team

Sunday, March 6, 2016

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