Spam policy

Accounts caught sending unsolicited, as defined by HostingFest, PLC.*, email or usenet postings, either through our servers or to promote a web site on our servers will be terminated immediately, will not qualify for a refund and will be charged $50 per complaint filed. Accounts terminated for sending unsolicited email or usenet posts give up all rights to any content, files, backups and technical support associated with this and ALL accounts hosted on any and all HostingFest, PLC. server and network. You may not create email forwards which forward to an email address not accessible by you, unless the recipient has specifically consented for you to do so.

HostingFest, PLC. reserves the right to investigate accounts accused of sending unsolicited emails, or usenet postings, in any way deemed necessary. This PLCludes suspending the accused account, during the pending investigation.

Sites promoting, advertising or otherwise making available tools, information and/or software for the purpose of sending unsolicited email or usenet postings will be shut down without notice. We reserve the right to cancel all hosting accounts, of anyone having an account suspended for sending spam. We will make available, upon request, the source of the complaints. We will NOT make available the actual complaint, if it means giving out individual contact information of the person filing the complaint.


Although we have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on unsolicited email/spam, we are not unreasonable. Since 2004, we have shut down an extremely small percentage of accounts for sending Unsolicited Email. However, we can and will enforce our Terms of Service.

*Unsolicited is defined, by HostingFest, PLC. as: E-mail sent to recipients who have not asked to be contacted by you or Usenet postings (that are cross-posted to more than three newsgroups and/or posted in newsgroups where this is against that groups FAQ or charter), for the sole purpose of promoting a website or commercial business on our servers.

Note : YOU are responsible for your customers sending spam. For example, if you manage a web site for your customer, and your customer sends unsolicited emails, you will be contacted and the domain will be terminated from service

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